How To Setup Out of Office Message in Outlook

When you use Microsoft Outlook for work on your computer or the mobile app but are about to be out of the office for an extended period of time, you can enable automatic email responses. These enable you to alert people who are trying to reach you when, why, and even how long you will be unavailable.

Setting up automated responses is the way to go if you want to make it easier for anyone emailing you to know correspondence would be delayed and who to call when you’re away. Automated responses will continue to be active until the end of your designated “out of office” time. If you do not specify a time frame, automatic responses will run indefinitely before switching them off.

Here’s how to configure Outlook’s out-of-office reply.

How to Configure an Out-of-Office Response in Outlook

1. Navigate to the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Outlook inbox.

2. Press the “View all Outlook settings” button.

3. Pick “Automatic replies.”

4. Move your mouse over the black and white slider next to “Switch on automatic answers.”

5. Check the boxes next to the settings for your automated responses that you want to enable.

6. Insert your favorite “out of office” code.

7. Click “Save.”

When Outlook is configured to send automatic responses, you’ll see a message with this information under the ribbon. To disable automatic out-of-office answers, select Toggle off. If you want to change the dates for your automated reply or the message sent, follow the steps outlined above.

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