How To Setup and Change Outlook Email Signature

Outlook email signatures are a simple marketing tool that can quickly boost your brand image and business results. Outlook email signatures, like business cards, serve the purpose of exchanging personal information with each email you send. And, like your business card, they communicate a lot about the personality of your company, so you want them to look professional and well-designed.

However, email signatures can do far more than just share a company’s name and contact information. Adding a personalized Outlook email signature to your emails gives them more power by connecting you with your customers through links, photos, banners, and social media. They’re also fast and easy to use!

Here’s how to adjust your Outlook signature.

If you want to make a permanent adjustment to a signature that you often use in Outlook messages, you could simply do so using the Signatures and Stationery dialog box.

1. Launch Outlook and select “New Email” from the ribbon bar to generate a new email address.

2. Navigate to the ribbon bar in the untitled email message. Tap “Signature,” then “Signatures…”

3. Pick the signature you want to alter in the “Select signatures to modify” window at the top left. 4. Make any required changes to the signature in the “edit signature” window below. You can edit the text, alter the formatting, and add elements such as images.

When you’re done, press the “OK” button. Your changes to the signature will be saved for all new email messages.

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