How to Print the Page Header on Multiple Pages in Excel

Knowing how to print page headers on multiple pages in Excel is an important skill. It is a must-know, especially for people who work on complex Excel worksheets. Sometimes, turning the printouts back and forth to see the page headers becomes tiresome.

Often, the top header is usually printed only on the first page; this can stress you so much when you want the heading to print on every page. Like how are you going to print the same thing on the other Excel pages? This article has the right solution for your problem.

How to Repeat Excel Header Rows on Every Page

  1. Open the worksheet of your data, the one you are going to print.
  2. Navigate to the Page Layout tab
  3. Press on Print titles in the page set-up box
  4. On the sheet tab of the page set-up, find rows to repeat at the top. You will find them in the print-titles dialogue box.
  5. Next to rows to repeat at the top, there is a small icon there. Click on it; it is the collapse dialogue icon.
  6. You will notice that the page set up in a dialogue window is minimized. You can now access your worksheet. The cursor also changes to a black arrow to help select the whole row with a single click.
  7. Select one or all the rows that you want to print. To select multiple rows, click on the first row, then drag the mouse button to the last row that you want to select.
  8. Press Enter on the collapse dialogue button to go back to the page set up the box. You will see whatever you selected in the rows to repeat at the top box.
  9. Finally, you can click on the print view to see whatever you have done.

Note that if you choose to skip some steps while entering the range, you must be keen on the way to fill it. Make sure to use the dollar sign as required.

How to Get a Header Column on Every Page in Excel

  1. Open your worksheet
  2. Go to the page layout tab.
  3. Click on print titles; it is on the page that sets up a dialogue.
  4. On the sheet tab of the page set up box, click the collapse dialogue button. It is just at the right of columns to repeat at the left field.
  5. Choose any column that you want to display on all the printed pages.
  6. Press the collapse dialogue button again to confirm if you can see whatever you selected. The selected range should be displayed in the columns to repeat at the left box.
  7. Click on the Print Preview button; you will find it in the page set-up dialogue box. Go through your document to make sure that it is okay before printing.
  8. All your printouts will have a common header, and you will not waste time turning the pages to copy the headings.

By default, the heading will always appear only on the first page when you print your data. So to make your work easier, have the headers repeat on every printed page.

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