How To Forward Outlook Emails

Outlook is filled with lots and highly adaptable email clients included in the Microsoft Office software suite. It has an interactive design that allows us to create rules for and message or group messages, allowing you to optimize sending and receiving functions.

This rules interface allows you to customize forwarding so that individual messages, or maybe all of your inbox messages, are automatically redirected to another email address. This is especially useful if you use Web-based email in your business.

1. Open Outlook and navigate to the “Home” tab, which is the first tab to the right of the orange “File” tab.

2. Pick the email address from which you want to forward messages by clicking the “Inbox” button. Depending on how many messages are in your inbox and the speed of your link, it can take up to a minute or so for the account to load.

3. Select “Manage Rules and Alerts” from the menu that appears after clicking the “Rules” tab in the center of the “Move” section. A dialog box labeled “Rules and Warnings” appears.

4. To open the Rules Wizard dialog box, click “New Rule.” To forward received messages, click “Apply Rule on Messages I Receive” under “Start from a Blank Rule,” or “Apply Rule on Messages I Send” to forward sent messages.

5. “Next” should be picked. Tick the box to the left of each condition; a message must fulfill to be forwarded. To forward all messages, select only “Via the Designated Account.”

6. Click the blue underlined prompts for any particular conditions, such as the sender’s name, and enter or pick the appropriate information as directed in the box. For example, to select “Via the Specified Account,” click the word “Specified” and then select the current account from the pull-down menu that appears. When you’re done, press the “Next” button.

7. In the “Select Action(s)” box that appears, select “Forward it to People or Public Group.” To open the Rule Address dialog box, click the underlined blue words “People or Public Group.”

8. In the Rule Address dialog box, type the email address to which you want to forward your mail in the bottom text area. If you do not want these emails forwarded, click “Next” and pick any exceptions to the forwarding rule, such as “Except if My Name Is Not in the To Box.” Follow the instructions to enter the required details by clicking on the blue text that appears for any exemption you select. To pull up the final Rules Wizard dialog box, click “Next.”

9. In the top text area, give your new rule a name, such as “Forward to WebMail.” If you need to forward messages that are already in your Inbox, click “Run the Rule Now On Messages Already in Inbox.” Finish by pressing the Finish button.

10. Check the address you mentioned in Step 8 for message forwarding to ensure that messages are being forwarded.

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