How To Download Outlook Emails

Microsoft Outlook is a common desktop email client program that works not only on Windows as well as on Apple’s macOS (by the name Outlook for Mac).

Outlook makes it easy to manage single or multiple email accounts, including those from Microsoft Exchange and web email services.

How to Download an Outlook Email List

Although downloading an email list from Outlook might not be the most intuitive method, it is very easy. The only disadvantage is that you will lose the majority of your formatting.

Tap “File” in your Outlook account. When you select the “Import and Export” option, a menu will appear. Pick the “Export to File” option from that menu, then press “Next.”

The wizard will then prompt you to choose the file form you want to save your email list. Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or a CSV file are your best choices. Next, press the “Next” button.

The next move is to pick the folder from which you want to collect your email addresses and then click “Next.”

In the resulting dialogue box, click “Browse” to choose a place to save your downloaded email list. Be sure to save the file in a convenient place and to call it appropriately. The wizard will then present you with options for the fields you need. Make certain the “Map Custom Fields” is picked. Then, all of the available fields in your file will be shown.

If you’re just interested in email addresses, choose “Simple Map.” Click on “From” and “To” (address fields) on the left and drag them to the list on the right before clicking “OK.”

Then, hit the “Finish” button.

After that, your email list will be downloaded. However, the downloaded file may be jumbled and can need some cleanup. Formatting, blank spaces, and a few other minor issues will be addressed.

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